75 Best Places to Eat in Orange County - 2016

The Cannery was pleased to be named #10 of the 75 Best Places to Eat in Orange County, 2016 by OC Register Food Critic, Brad A. Johnson.

Source: http://www.ocregister.com/articles/orange-708589-places-best.html

Brad's take: Located on the water’s edge in Newport Harbor, The Cannery is Orange County’s best seafood restaurant. Chef Nick Weber makes pasta carbonara with lobster, but instead of bacon he uses bonito flakes to achieve a beguilingly smoky undertone. He serves raw scallops with flying fish roe and coconut milk. He slow-poaches abalone, then finishes it over oak charcoal before folding it into a velvety sea-urchin bisque. Octopus, too, benefits from the fire. A tangle of tentacles delivers a powerful escabeche-style blast of vinegar with sinus-clearing, tongue-numbing chile.