The Cannery was recently named one of the best places to eat in Orange County.

Located on the water’s edge in Newport Harbor, The Cannery is a seafood restaurant where chef Nick Weber takes full advantage of a wood-burning grill. He slow-poaches abalone, sous-vide style, so that it becomes remarkably tender, then finishes it over oak charcoal before folding it into a velvety sea-urchin bisque along with light, creamy gnocchi and lumps of sweet potato. Octopus, too, benefits from the fire. A tangle of tentacles in varying shapes and sizes delivers a powerful escabeche-style blast of vinegar and sinus-clearing, tongue-numbing chili. The bouillabaisse, crab cakes, tuna tartare, grilled swordfish … all excellent.

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The Cannery was recently featured in The O.C. Register:

All decked out with American flags and bunting, the Cannery in Newport Beach looked ready for a political speech. Instead, the patriotic décor was designed to inspire guests to help veterans, but it was the speakers themselves, including actor Gary Sinise, who rallied supporters to open their hearts and their wallets for R.I.S.E. (Restoring Independence & Supporting Empowerment), an organization dedicated to helping severely wounded soldiers.

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Chef Nick Weber was recently featured in the O.C. Register:

Halibut rarely gets the respect it deserves. It's a fish that too often gets misunderstood as boring. But in the hands of a skilled chef, like Nick Weber at The Cannery, the lowly halibut becomes a thing of unparalleled beauty, a perfect companion to precious truffles (on the tail end of their fleeting season).

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